Love Yourself, Body And Mind.

As sad as it is to say I can honestly say I haven’t met another female who hasn’t had some kind of body confidence issues in their life. With everything from our own expectations to magazines and social media telling us what we should look like ideally to please the opposite sex. Learning to love my body and all of its imperfections has been a long and
a tedious journey that I’m still on now and think I probably will be for the rest of my life, so with that said here are some things I’ve learned along the way.
You’re worth so much more than your looks.
Now I know this post is about learning to love yourself, but what you have to always remember that something that seems so important to you likes how much you weigh or your clothes size, it’s all just numbers, these numbers don’t define who you are. There’s far too much pressure put on how we look and what we wear and it’s now just become so normal in today’s society. Nowadays it’s so easy to make a quick judgement about someone based on what they look like, but this doesn’t make it right. It’s an age-old saying that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and it’s so true as people so have so much more to offer the world other than their looks.
Accept your body for what it is.
I know it’s hard to hear, but accepting your body for what it is can be hard and take a long time. There are definitely things about our body that we can change and there are things we can’t, but as much as you might wish them away that’s just how our bodies are. No-one in this whole world has a perfect body and I know you may look up to celebrities and think they’re perfect but they aren’t, I’m sure they all have body insecurities just like everyone else. Everyone is attracted to different ideas so don’t look at yourself and just assume that no one will love you because there’s going to be someone out there who loves your mind, body and soul.
Be proud whatever your size is.
Over the years body positivity in both genders has become a huge movement with more companies expanding their clothing sizes and coming out with more lines e.g. Topshop petite and tall range. We all come in beautiful shapes and sizes, there is no ‘one size fits all’ and that’s how it should be, because we’re all unique. We all most likely struggle with how we look and accepting our appearance because there are so many factors that affect this. I’m average of height being 5’6 and weighing around 9 stone and a bit, sometimes this makes me feel a bit down although I’m average height, compared to my flatmates I feel quite tall and it’s a feeling I’m not used to. Just because I’m not afraid to show my skin doesn’t mean I’m 100% okay with how I look, most of it is manipulated with good lighting and posing in certain positions to look slimmer and ‘better’.
Wanting to make a change doesn’t mean you don’t love yourself. 
People usually assume that if you want to go on a diet, start eating healthier, want to gain muscle or start the gym that you’re unhappy with your body, but in most situations I just don’t think that’s the case. Honestly, it takes a certain type of body love, to love your body but still want to make changes to it, change doesn’t always have to be a negative thing, remember love and appreciation can be your biggest motivator.
Don’t let social media rule you.
 Society loves telling us what to do whether that be what to eat or how to dress, who to date or even how to behave. Like most people, I get some days where I love my body and how it looks, and I get days where I can only point out a handful of things I like about myself. The generation we’re living is very online and social based which for the most part is great and amazing and without all this social media I may not have a job, granted our generation have started to fight back against body ideals and how we should look and love yourself for being different. The idea that we shouldn’t like the way we look because we don’t look like someone else is ridiculous, it is no one else’s damn business how you look and that is the honest truth!  If you love the way your body looks and want to show it off to the world then girl (or guy) you do you and who cares what some keyboard warrior on Instagram thinks? 99% of the time they’re just jealous so you keep being yourself and you’ll thank yourself for it, in the long run, I promise you.
I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post! Congratulations for making it to the end of this lengthy post. If you did enjoy it then please leave me a comment down below telling me what other posts you would like me to do, and don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll never miss a post of mine.

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  1. Jaci Mackle says:

    Well said.


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