Everday Summer Outfit.


In today’s post I’m showing you a typical ‘Tasha’ outfit that’s easy to style while still being comfortable to wear, but because I live in England I’m religiously checking my weather app to make sure I’m not going to get caught in a thunderstorm. This year’s summer has been a particularly dreary one with only a handful of days actually being warm, and the others mostly damp and humid. For the days when I know, I’m going out and doing things I want to wear something that covers me enough that I don’t get cold if the wind picks up but I’m not going to absolutely sweat to death in if the sun makes an appearance.
What I love the most about this top is how thin the fabric is so although it covers my arms and neck it’s still sheer enough to keep me cool. The pattern is also super cute with these gorgeous yellow flower, and yes I may have purposely chosen to take my pictures here because the flowers on my top matched the ones behind me, too much? Who cares.
I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post! If you did please leave me a comment down below telling me what other posts you would like me to do and don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll never miss a post of mine.


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