Why I Will Never Apologise For Being Myself.


If you follow me on any of my social media (especially my Instagram) you’ll have seen that I’ve been trying really hard lately to keep on top of things with posting regular content without posting too much, 90% of the content I post I really like the pictures and am extremely proud of how they look. If you know me you’ll know that I could take 100 pictures and end up hating all of them, so the fact that I’ve actually had so much content to post recently is insane. But why do I always find the need to either apologise for posting so much or for the way I look? Now I know I’m not the only person who does this, I see it on my timeline every day and it’s crazy why do we feel the need to apologise for who we are and for being human?
I’m defending myself, one of the reasons I apologise for my imperfect hair is so that no one else will comment on it and therefore make me feel worse about an imperfection I already know exists. This is basically my way of saying “I’m sorry I don’t look socially acceptable 24/7” to a bunch of strangers who don’t really even know me they just know my face that’s on a phone screen.
“Marketing campaigns tell us on a daily basis that we are not good enough, smart enough, slim enough, fit enough or pretty enough,” psychotherapist Emmy Gilmour tells us, she is the director of The Recover Clinic. “We are being taught to nurture an internal bully – because we view ourselves as inadequate, we consistently ‘apologise’ for what we assume are universally acknowledged misgivings.”
Now I know It can be so easy to apologise for something as small as a blemish on your skin in a photo but the next time you think about doing it, DON’T! You are beautiful and unique in your own way if you don’t see your own beauty someone else will, without a doubt. Before I started University I had zero self-confidence and would have not dreamt about posting the amazing pictures I post on my social media now.
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