5 Things I Love About Autumn.


Now that Autumn is in full swing I feel like I can finally write this post all about my top 5 things I love about Autumn. I love Autumn It’s 100% my favourite season without a doubt, I can’t pinpoint just one thing in particular about why I love Autumn so here are 5:
1).  Jumpers, jumpers and more jumpers.
I absolutely flipping love wearing big thick fluffy jumpers this time of the year! I’ve found that Autumn has that perfect weather where you don’t necessarily need a big thick coat/ jacket to keep warm as a thick jumper and a hat/ scarf will do that for you.
2). Leaf scattered streets.
The trees are becoming the most gorgeous shades of brown, orange and dark green and it’s just breathtaking. Long walks in the park have now become part of my daily routine and I’m not super happy about it.
3). Hot drinks galore.
Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, name it it’s yours. This type of year is full of pumpkin spice this and that, which isn’t really my cup of tea, no pun intended. I’m very basic in the fact that I love my plain and simple tea, coffee and hot chocolate no fancy strings attached.
4). Did someone say Halloween?
FINALLY!! I am so excited about Halloween, it’s the one time of the year when you can dress up and look so over the top but the best part its know one cares because everyone else is doing exactly the same!
5). All the make-up in the world.
I think autumn makeup is my favourite seasonally makeup to wear, warm orange eyeshadows and dark berry lips are just my favourite thing in the world. Even though I do wear this make-up not just in Autumn I still feel super autumnal and cosy when I do wear it in the colder months.


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