25 Facts About Me.


1). My full name is Natasha Lauren Fenn
2). I was born on the 14th of April 1998 and the day I was born it snowed during my mum’s car journey to the hospital.
3). I hate avocados, I really want to like them but I just can’t stand the taste.
4). My favourite colour is orange/ green (I couldn’t pick just one)
5). Dogs are the love of my life, sorry Joe but dogs come first.


6). I have one other sibling, my brother Josh who is 7 years older than me.
7). In my tea, I only have half a sugar.
8). The Vampire Diaries is my favourite TV show of all time, I’m super upset it’s over.
9). My favourite time of the year is definitely Christmas, without fail!
10). I’m definitely more of an autumn/ winter person rather than a spring/ summer person.


11). I’m currently studying Digital Marketing at the University of Derby.
12). I’m a sleep talker, not a cute quiet one may I add.
13). My favourite place to go on holiday is Greece.
14). I’m 5’6 in height.
15). My eyes are sometimes blue and sometimes green, they’re never just one colour.


16). I’m from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire and I support HTFC.
17). When I was 13 I had braces on for 1 year, but I didn’t wear my bottom retainer so my bottom teeth moved back.
18). In year 3 I broke my arm by running too quickly on our laminate kitchen floor.
19). My favourite film of all time is Pacific Rim.
20). Little Mix is my favourite band.


21). I have a huge fear of spiders (even looking at pictures of them scares me)
22). My favourite food is spaghetti bolognese.
23). I used to have a nose piercing but took it out last year and let it heal up.
24). I don’t have my drivers licence (and I can’t really drive that well)
25). I’ve changed my hair colour 8 times since I was 13, (red, purple, auburn, light brown, dark brown, black, ombre and blonde)


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