If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?

This is my favourite quote from Emma Watson, besides the obvious funny quotes from Harry Potter. If you’re confused and don’t understand what this means she’s basically saying if you’re not going to do something, if you’re not going to start change then who will? If you’re not going to do anything today then when are you going to do something?

The meaning of this is you are in control of your own life, you can’t rely on anyone else to start change, you have to be the change. Before I started university I relied on my mum for everything she was (and still is today) my rock if I ever needed advice or help with anything she was the person I talked to first. Once I left home that was a lot harder to do, not having the person who you rely on most to help solve your problems were tricky at first but eventually it taught me how to solve issues myself and not to rely on other people. Sorry, today’s blog post was short, I have a lot of work due in the next couple of weeks so I’m just trying to manage work and the blog.

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  1. I watched that entire speech by Emma and it was so empowering! If you haven’t watched the whole speech with her at the UN I highly recommend. Also, love the sweater!

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