Current Fashion Obsessions.

Right now I feel like my fashion game is very strong, Winter fashion is always a favourite of mine to experiment with different styles and try new trends. For me fashion is fun and not to be taken too seriously, recently I’ve been really loving a few stand out pieces from my wardrobe and thought I’d share them with you guys and why I’ve been obsessing over them.
#1 Oversized chunky knits. In the autumn/winter season, I live in thick warm jumpers. I’m not one for layering thin layers to stay warm I like to be warm an cosy, all of the time. Right now H&M is my favourite store for jumpers, their quality and price is amazing and they have a style of jumper to suit everyone.
#2 Jeans. I wear jeans all year round but more so in the autumn/ winter time. For me, jeans are just the comfiest and most stylish way to keep warm on those chilly days. My favourite place for high-quality jeans that will last is Topshop their jeans can vary from £30-£50 which may sound pricey but the quality is there and Ihadhasd mine now for years.
#3 Fluffy coats. We all need a fluffy coat or two in our wardrobe, not only are they on trend right now, but they’re also very practical and warm. I got my fluffy white coat from Primark in the sale last year and they are selling some similar ones again this year. So what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a bargain.
#4 Over the knee boots. I love boots, with a passion. I think I own every type of boot in my shoe collection, over the knee boots, ankle boots, heeled boots or Chelsea boots I love them all. If I’m honest I don’t really have a favourite place to get boots I’ll usually google the style I want and then just buy the cheapest pair I can find.
#5 Blanket scarfs. For the days when I don’t feel like wearing 100 layers of clothing, a think oversized scarf is the perfect way to still stay warm. I also think that scarfs can really add to an outfit and give it that finishing touch. Again Primark would be my favourite place to pick up things like hats scarfs and gloves without breaking the bank.
I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post! If you did please leave me a comment down below telling me what other posts you would like me to do and don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll never miss a post of mine.

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  1. Fluffy coats are the best! But I’m hesitant to buy one in case they are out of style next year. None the less, I will continue to try them on every time I go to the store!


  2. silkandspire says:

    Nice Outfit,Im not a huge over the knee boot fan but they go so well with your outfit! and your makeup. I love winter fashion too and can’t wait to get my blanket scarf out when it cooler in New Zealand.

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