5 Misconceptions About University Life.


1). Not everyone gets stressed at university. For most people, this time of the year is a super stressful with exams happening in January and coursework due in mid-December. But if you are one of the lucky few students who doesn’t get stressed very easily then the misconception that everyone at university is a major stress head really isn’t true, university is all about good time management and prioritising what things are more important and need to be done now and what can be done at a more later date.


2). Making friends at university is easy. If you’re an extrovert than making friends for you will be a breeze, talking to new people isn’t something you struggle with. if you’re the complete opposite like me and you find you’re an introvert, the idea of talking to new people is daunting and making new friends isn’t as easy as you wish it would be. Now I’m halfway through my second year I can happily say that I’ve got a group of friends that I’m so happy I made, so if you’re starting university next year don’t be scared about making friends some people you’re going to instantly click with and some it might take a while to warm up to.


3). Everyone drinks at university. Before I started university I never really drank except at family parties and the occasional night out, so for me, I thought everyone would be really heavy drinkers. To my shock, I’ve met so many people who don’t drink on nights out or don’t drink too heavily and still go clubbing and have a good night, so if you don’t drink and you’re worried about going to uni and what people will think, ignorge then, if someone is so ignorant that they judge you on your drinking preference they’re not worth your time!


4). You have loads of ‘spare time’ at uni. This is both true and false, so I always have a fair bit of spare time at the start of term because I don’t have any work to do and I’ll be on the hunt for a new job. This ‘spare time’ doesn’t last for very long though, after about a month of uni I’m usually very busy with work and I’ll have found a job to also keep me busy. Managing uni work, a job and a social life can be difficult at time but I find being organised really helps.


5). Everyone changes after university. No matter if you have been to university or not everyone changes, as you get older, when you have children, different life events change people. The stereotype that people who go/ have been to university change and become snobby or just become different people, in general, is ridiculous. I chose to get to university to better myself and educate myself further so that I could give myself the best future possible and if you are thinking about going to university but worried about what people think, ignore them, you do you.

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts recently with Christmas in 3 days! I’ve been very busy but don’t worry in the new year I’ll be back on it with a post up every Friday at 9:00am. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post! If you did please leave me a comment down below telling me what other posts you would like me to do and don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll never miss a post of mine.


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