I Stopped Calling Myself a Girl and Became a Woman.


For some odd and bizarre reason, many people seem to think if you call yourself a feminist you are a short haired raging woman who thinks women are better than men. Wrong, very very wrong, a feminist is someone who believes in the political, economic, and social equality of BOTH sexes.


Over time this definition has been changed and manipulated by both women and men making feminists out the be the’ bad guys’ when in fact the whole reason for feminism is to create equality for BOTH sexes, not just women. Yes women have a long way to go in regards to equality but unfortunately so do men, last year 93% of reported sexual assault were female and 7% were male, but when asked how long males took to report it the most common time was up to 2 months due to embarrassment or lack of belief. This is shocking that in today’s society men feel ashamed or embarrassed to report sexual offence and would not want to lose their masculinity.

As soon as I turned 18 I remember telling my dad that I was no longer a little girl anymore, I was an adult now. I am now a woman. So here are 7 reasons why I’m no longer calling myself a girl:


1). You should never fear your own voice.

When I was younger I would’ve classed myself as such a sheep, I would follow anyone just to fit in. I was so scared of not having friends in high school I stopped being the weird, crazy and bubbly I am and just did what all my friends were doing. Now I’m my own person I do and say whatever I want and all the friends I have now love me for who I am. Back in 2015 when I first started my blog I had no idea what it would become or that I would still be doing it 3 years later. I’m so happy that I did start this blog and stuck with it, as it’s given me such a platform to voice my opinions and talk about issues that needed to spoken about, I hope my posts have let others know that they’re not alone and we’re all going through stuff in our private lives but it’s important to stay strong.


2). Believe in yourself forever and always.

If I had a time machine I would to go back and tell my younger self to believe in herself and fight for her beliefs. When I was in my early teens I didn’t have any confidence and this affected my performance in school, I was terrified to raise my hand is class out of the fear I’d get the answer wrong and this meant my confidence never got better and I always scared to believe in myself. Now I’m older, I’ve raised my hand, got the answer wrong and learned from it. I always believe in myself from the outfit I’m wearing to the way I write my blog posts.


3). Empower women, don’t tear them down.

90% of my Instagram feed is female, about 70% of that are either bloggers, influencers or celebrities. I always try my best to comment on other peoples pictures, there’s nothing more empowering than receiving an encouraging comment this can be from either a  complete stranger or someone you’ve known for years. We all love receiving praise and compliments so why don’t we give them out more often? Out of the fear of vanity? Next time you double tap someones Instagram picture why not take the time to comment something nice, who knows your comment could be a ray of sunshine on a dark day. If you do feel the need to put a nasty or mean comment try keeping it to yourself and think how much that comment would hurt you if a stranger commented that on your pictures.


4). Love yourself before you try to love another.

This is something both my grandma and mum taught me growing up, if you don’t love the person you are how can you love someone else? Now I’ll admit I’ve gotten into relationships and not been 100% or even 50% in love with myself, how I look or the person I am. In doing this I ended up changing myself to fit that person better and ended up hating this ‘new’ me. Learning that you are good enough just being yourself Isn’t something that comes straight away, it takes time and being surrounded by positive, loving people that accept you for who you are.


5). Your life is your own responsibility.

Lifes not fair and anyone who said it was is a lair. It took me a very long time to accept this, growing up you get taught that ‘life’s not fair’ but we never really get an explanation to why. You are your own responsibility not anyone else’s, if you want life to be fair you have to make it fair. We all have control over our lives, sitting and doing nothing then complaining wouldn’t get you anywhere you have to be the change you wish to see in your life. Granted life can be hard sometimes with things happening that you can’t control but you can’t dwell on these for too long, you have to find the positive in every situation and then move on to bigger and better things.


6). Be honest with yourself.

Lying to strangers on social media is effortless, these people don’t know you so pretending you have a perfect life via your Instagram feed is easy. Lying to yourself? That’s not so easy. If you tell yourself a lie enough times it becomes the truth. Is this true? Or does it just lead to confusion between what is real and what is wishful lies. Be honest with yourself, do you really love your hair colour/ outfit/ friends or are you just trying to fit in. Lifes no fun if you’re constantly trying to impress everyone, be yourself and the rest will learn.


7). Be proud of who you are.

I wake up every day so proud of who I am, everything life has thrown at me has made me into the woman I am today. I wouldn’t change the person I am for anything, all the friends I’ve made love me for who I am. Don’t change for anyone ESPECIALLY not for a partner or a family member, if they truly love you they will accept you for who you are. Being different is a good thing, stand out from the crowd. I hope this blog post has helped at least one person, male or female all of this applies to both genders. If you enjoyed these new types of blog posts please let me know by liking and sharing this post, subscribe by scrolling to the bottom of this page if you haven’t already.

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