Stop Asking ‘What If’ and Starting Saying ‘Oh Well’


I’ve never been much of a new years resolution person, I would either forget what they were 2 weeks after I’ve made them or I just wouldn’t stick to them. This year I still wanted to improve on myself but without the stress of the whole the ‘new year new me’ motto everyone takes up.

During one on mine and Joes, late night deep chats we started talking about a job interview I had recently and I came out thinking ‘what would have happened if’ and then I started thinking I really need to stop thing ‘what if’ and just need to go for things during the moment and just say ‘oh well’ afterwards. So I’ve made the conscious decision to just go for in situations when I’m worried what people will think, life’s too short to care what strangers will think.



“Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep” In your life, you are the lion and strangers, rude people and fake friends are the sheep. From a young age, I’ve always cared about what strangers thought of me and what I should and shouldn’t do in public in order to keep friends/ make new friends. The older I get the more I realise that everyone will judge you whether it’s on purpose or subconsciously, but they most likely not going to come up to you and tell you what they’re thinking, so who cares?


This outfit is was very outfit on my comfort zone when I tried it all on together, the red jumper and boots are so bright and noticeable I wasn’t really too keen with standing out so much. I’ve been wearing skinny jeans since I was 14 so to step out of the house in these slim fit mom jeans was a small accomplishment, but never the less an accomplishment. Overall I’m glad I took a chance on this outfit as I loved wearing it and discovered that I actually really like the colour red on me.


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