5 Things You Have To When In Budapest.

Budapest is by for one of the most beautiful and cultural cities I’ve ever been to. Recently both I and my boyfriend visited Budapest for 5 days and I wanted to share 7 things you HAVE to do if you ever go! From their powerful history which has molded Hungary and the Hungarian people to who they are today to their incredible food market with fresh food and spices for all.

Fisherman’s Bastion

What a view. I can not even describe how beautiful the view from the Fisherman’s Bastion is, you can see ALL of Budapest and it is simply breathtaking.  There are several different lookout points here so you have your pick of the bunch to ask a stranger to take your photo just like we did. Luckily for us, we used a shuttle bus to get up Buda hill as we’d already done enough walking the day before and felt like having a break, but if you don’t want to be lazy it’s just a short 10 minutes walk up the hill to reach Fisherman’s Bastion.


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St Stephen’s Basilica

I was out of breath, not just by another amazing view but if you hate stairs or just simply can’t stand them then maybe just stick to the bottom floor of this church. Never the less both bottom and top, the St Stephen’s Basilica is a must if you’re visiting Budapest even if just for a few days.


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Parliament Building

This might be the most iconic building in all of Budapest, the parliament building is the 3rd largest parliament building in the world measuring at a scary 96 meters. We visited at day and night and both times are a must, during the day you can admire the beautiful architecture and craftsmanship that has gone into making this amazing building and by night it is lit up by hundreds of lights showing how tall it really is.


DETAILS: TOP (Zara, last year) | TROUSERS (Primark) | SCARF (H&M) | SHOES (ADIDAS) | WATCH (FitBit)


Heroes’ Square

Hősök tere also known as Heroes Square is one of Budapest’s more famous squares featuring its iconic statue complex featuring the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars, as well as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. A tomb dedicated to all unknown soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for Hungary. The square is extremely beautiful and very picturesque.


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Danube Bank River

An emotional memorial for all the innocent men, women and children shot as the Danube River washed them away. During 1944 many innocent Jewish prisoners were forced to strip naked and stand in front on the river bank as a firing squad then shot the prisoners at close range in the back so that they fell into the river to be washed away. On the 16th of April 2005, 60 pairs of cast iron shoes were placed on the side of the Danube River as tribute to every innocent life taken during this tragic time. This was by far one the most moving and amazing parts of my trip to Budapest and if you have 10 minutes spare I would really recommend visiting.


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