24 Hours in Budapest.

As you’ll have seen from my last blog post I’ve recently been on a 5 day trip to Budapest with my boyfriend. In my last blog post, I shared with you my 5 things that are a must to do when visiting Budapest, today I’m going to talking about what I did for the first 24 hours that I was in Budapest.

Let’s clarify, technically I was in Budapest for 5 days but due to flight times I was only really in the city for 3 full days and I only really explored for these 3 days from 7am in the morning till usually around 9pm. Doing this for 3 days was quite tiring but I really wanted to see everything I had on my to-do list and I covered just about everything.


The basics, we flew with Jet 2 and it cost us roughly £280 for 2 people, with 1 22kg bag and 2 10kg carry-ons. I’d never used an Air Bnb before but I’d heard great things, with most places on Air BnB being quite cheap we thought we’d give it ago. For 5 days in our Air Bnb it cost us about £112 for 4 nights, so in total, our holiday was just under £500 for 2 people. You could probably find cheaper if you really wanted to, our Air Bnb was perfect, it was just the right size in a great location and Andrea the lovely lady who hosted us was extremely helpful, I would definitely recommend her.

Day one was our most busy day with an early start of 8am (7am wake-up) we headed straight to Heroes Square which was a 25-minute walk from our little Air Bnb. If you want to know more about Heroes Square and what its like check out Monday’s blog post.


Once we’d wandered around Heroes Square for long enough and taken a million photos we went to explore more when we saw these Big Bus tours buses, we eventually got talking to a really nice young man who explained to us how they worked. After a few minutes, we deiced to get a 3 day hop on hop off ticket, What this allowed us to do was hop on and off any big bus tours bus for all 3 days as well as a night tour with an audio tour of both Buda and Pest, as well as this we where given a free cruise ride along the Danube River and a shuttle bus up to Fishermans Bastion and Buda castle. For all this, we paid 1800 Hungarian forint (this equals around just under £25pp) there are many other tour bus companies in Budapest but The Big Bus Tours seamed by far the most friendly and helpful.


Once we got our tickets it was time for some sightseeing on the open top bus, our first stop was St Stephen’s Basilica, after the thousands of steps later we found ourselves staring at the most beautiful view of Budapest. A good amount of photos later we headed back downstairs to the church, although I’m not a religious person I still appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship.


Feeling hungry? Me too! Time to venture into the food market. With the market being particularly busy at this time we deiced to opt for a less hectic dinner and walked to Chillis Burgers and had the most amazing cheeseburger and chips with cheese, It’s not super expensive but it’s not McDondals price, If you in Budapest maybe give it a go if you’re craving a tasty fresh burger.


After lunch, we crossed the freedom bridge and walked to Liberty Statue, oh boy was this a climb. If you’re lazy like me and think that walking to the corner shop is your daily exercise, you will probably feel like death once you reach the top, if you’re relatively healthy you’ll probably be fine. Although I hated the walk up the view once you get to the top is truly breathtaking, for me it was my favorite view in Budapest.


After our mini-hike, we decided to go back home to freshen up and relax before we went out for dinner. Once I’d spent enough time touching up my makeup and getting dressed we headed out to this super cute little Italian restaurant called Da Massimo Trattoria, the food was great and not super expensive.


After we’d eaten it was time for a wander around Budapest, we’d heard that the Parliament building looks best at night, they were right.


If you did enjoy this post please leave me a comment down below telling me what other posts you would like me to do and don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll never miss a post of mine. I’ll see you Friday at 9am for a new blog post!

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