48 Hours in Budapest.

Day two was less full on but just as fun day, we started the day a little later at 9:00am when we headed to our tour bus and ventured to the food market for a late breakfast and to pick up some souvenirs for family. After we’d wandered around the food market for a while and picked up some bits of food to try we headed to Anna’s Cafe that was just around the corner, I had the cutest cappuccino, Joe tried their cafe latte and we shared THE best homemade lemonade.


After a coffee refuel and full stomachs we headed decided to use our boat tour ticket that was part of our Big Big tours ticket and do some sightseeing from the river, we got off at over on Buda (If you didn’t know Budapest used to be two sperate places, Buda and Pest) at stop near Fishermans Bastion. To get up there we used one of the shuttle buses as we had a free one with our tour bus tickets, but if you wanted to walk it wouldn’t take long either. I’d seen all these photos of Fishermans Bastion and bloggers posing in front of the hillside view so I had no idea what to expect but the expectations I did have were blown away with how mesmerising the view was.


20 minutes of gawking at the gorgeous view over Budapest and 2 overpriced drinks later, we decided to wander around the area. It was here we found this super cute tiny road with all the walls painted yellow and pink, so I obviously took a super touristy photo posing in front of an old mini cooper.

Now we knew parliament looked good at night but we wanted to see what it looked like during the day, this isn’t a particularly long walk so if you are planning on visiting Budapest you might want to add it to your list.


On our way back from visiting Parliment it was on the top of my bucket list to see the iron shoes on the Danube River. If you want to know more about this truly amazing memorial check out Monday’s blog post.


On the walk back from Parliment building we stopped for dinner at a

20/30 minutes later we had a ‘night tour’ a few weeks this was probably a night tour but now that summer is well into the way and the days feel longer most of the tour was still in daylight, a good and educational tour nevertheless.

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