Let’s Have a Sit Down & Catch Up.

By now, you’re probably sick and tired of my Budapest blog posts so I thought I would write a more chilled laid back post about what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks and what my plans are for the next couple of weeks. I’ve seen a fair few of these more chatty style blog posts and it made me miss being able to just chat about whatever.

My muddled thoughts, unseen photos of intimate moments and life behind the curtains…

When I first started blogging I did it because I loved to write about my life, how I was doing at university and what I was doing in my everyday life. I wanted to share moments that we sometimes forget when life gets in the way. I remember writing about how I’d decorated my university room and how excited I was to show everyone.


Only 1 year to go…

With my second year of university finished and summer in full swing (the weather hasn’t really got the memo yet) I’m now only left with one year of university left before I graduate. I’m still undecided on whether to do a placement year and then finish my last year in 2019, but I’ve been applying and if the right one comes along then who knows. How have 2 years of uni just flown by? I feel like I was just enrolling last week! How my life has also changed since I started uni, I’m now in a loving committed relationship, I have a small but amazing friendship group and I have a job, not just scanning cards like a real-life career job (internally screams from happiness) that I’m so happy in.


Come fly with me, again…

After only being home for a few weeks I’m already getting ready to go on another holiday, this time more sun and less walking. On Wednesday myself and Joe are going to Greece for a 7 night holiday just to relax and chill out before we both start working full time over the summer to save up for moving into our studio in July, not long to go! Don’t worry I will obviously be doing blog posts of what to pack on a chill holiday for 7 nights and things like that.


No place like home…

I haven’t been home for a while so I thought I would take a trip back home to go ol’ Huddersfield for a few days to see my parents and of course the doggies as well as our new puppy Lilly who is adorable. I love going home, not much changes which I like. But like most independent students I only go away for a few days as I like having my own space and being in my own place. It’s always nice to have a break from ‘adulting’ to relax and just chill with family. While we were home It was my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary, can you believe it 50 years of marriage and my gran has somehow not managed to kill my grandad in his sleep (only kidding).


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