Why Everyone Is Craving Vitamin-Sea.

Its that time of the year again when the weather is starting to get warmer, everywhere else except for the UK. Luckily me and Joe managed to book a pretty cheap holiday to Greece with TUI last week. It’s always around this time of the year when we Brits start to crave the summer sunshine, seen as we aren’t getting it here. With me and Joe being uni students we break up way before most people in education, because of this we tend to go on holiday around May/ beginning of June to miss the madness of screaming and crying children on a 4-hour plane journey.


If your not from the UK then you probably won’t understand why we crave the sunshine so much, its almost like when the sun does come out we turn into a different species of people, pub gardens are packed to the brim, we buy up every disposable BBQ possible and its as if everyone is just so much happier. I have always said that Autumn is my favorite season but I can’t deny that after waiting what feels like a lifetime for a temperature over 15 degrees, I am very happy to whip out all the mini dresses and sandals.


So what is it about being in a scorching hot country, covered in tanning oil that we all crave so much? A tan? Facebook holiday photos? Eating out every night? Its all of the above and so much more, it’s about experiencing another culture and making memories and spending good quality time with the people we love. It’s about escaping our mundane lives for a few short days and enjoying doing the absolute least, there is something almost therapeutic in doing nothing in a hot country and not feeling guilty about it.


Of course, I know not all of you have the luxury of time or money to just jet of to a hot country but that’s why we have social media so that we can live vicariously through others. I am very guilty of this, I’m a sucker for a good holiday snap, I love to see how happy and positive people are on holiday and how for a few short days it’s as if all our daily problems seem to fade away into the sand underneath our toes.


I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post, if you’re going on a sunny holiday soon let me know in the comment section below! Also, let me know what post’s you’d be interested in reading. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you bright and early on Monday morning for another post!

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