Men’s Christmas Gift Guide – Under £50.

Christmas is officially 2 weeks and 3 days away! I don’t mean to stress any of you out, in fact, this post is here to do quite the opposite. Welcome to part 2 of my Christmas gift guide posts, this post is all about men and how difficult they are to shop for.

The Sporty Man.

The man who always knows the football score, always has the ‘my team is better than yours’ argument at family events and who just loves sports. The man who somehow convinces grandad to have a kick about on Christmas despite the all the reluctance.


1. NOTHS, Personalised Zip Pocket Gym Towel – £17

2. Calvin Klein, Assorted Colour Tube Socks Gift Set – £20

3. Amazon, Novelty Fun Sports Golf Balls (Set of 6) – £9.99

4. Nike, Benassi Sliders – £21.95

5. Menkind, Paintballing for 4 – £23.99

The Trendsetter.

We all know one of these, the man who wouldn’t be caught dead in an ugly Christmas jumper instead wears a shirt and tie for Christmas day.


1. Etsy, Watch Movement 20mm Cufflinks – £17.99

2. Quirky, Carloway Wash Bag – £29.99

3. Calvin Klein, Silver Tone Bracelet Watch – 49.99

4. IWOOT, Black iBed – £9.99

5. Pretty Green, 2 Pack Crew Neck T-shirt Gift Set – £50

The Groomer.

For the man who calls himself efficient, but his partner calls him high maintenance. The hair and the beard is always look trimmed and perfect.


1. IWOOT, Panasonic I-Shaper ER-GD50 3-IN-1 Trimmer – £29.99

2. TK Maxx, Pecksniffs Active EDT 100ml Trio Gift Set – £14.99

3. Ted Baker, Sock gift set- £25

4. Google, Home Mini Hands-Free Smart Speaker – £49

5. John Lewis, Tassimo Vivy Coffee Machine by Bosch – £34.99

The Man Who Has Everything.

We all know that one man who owns everything, so what do you but the man who owns everything? Buy him something he would never buy himself.


1.Tk Maxx, Gunmetal & Silver Tone Globe – £16.99

2. IWOOT, H.E T900 Speaker – £32.99

3. John Lewis, Whisky Tasting Set 15cl – £25

4. Prezzy Box, Mushions Double – £24.99

5. NOTHS, Personalised Bedside Watch And Phone Stand – £44

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  1. kittyp0p says:

    These are all great ideas and at awesome prices!

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