Am I Living For Likes?

With the evolution of social media how we interact and behave has changed; why we buy things, where we go, who we’re friends with. With 3.03 billion social media users around the world, there’s bound to be the odd person who hasn’t fallen down the rabbit hole. Social media isn’t all bad though, It can bring a lot of positivity and confidence. Honesty and good vibes, this is what I wanted my blog to be about when I started it, the idea that I’m not perfect but I’m honest about my imperfections but I don’t let it bring me down I stay positive. However, with influencers and bloggers forever growing it’s easy to get caught up with the numbers, I’ve always loved writing even from a small age I loved having a journal and being able to express myself.


All you have to do nowadays is just open up Twitter or Snapchat to see bloggers and other influencers talking about ‘the Instagram algorithm’ creators spend so much time editing and creating these amazing images and blog posts only for it to be unrecognised and half of there followers to never see it. I understand this frustration, after all, spending 2 hours getting ready for a shoot an hour to get the pictures, a few days to a week to write the post and all this time and effort for an engagement rate of 3%.

When I first started my blog the engagement and amount of new readers I had each week was incredible, My following almost doubled within a month and I had all these new blogging friends I’d made online. Then my likes were decreasing, I got fewer comments from people and more spam comments I barely gained 10 followers in a week. So yes, I may have had a minor breakdown for about a week, then I got over it. I reached 10,000 blog hits within 2 years, a milestone I never thought I’d hit and I have a wonderful and loyal following.


It’s with this in mind I still try and post regularly and keep up with currents trends and affairs to stay ‘relevant’. Not because it’s what I have to do but It’s what I love doing, blogging is my passion and I’m really done with living for ‘likes’.


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  1. That’s so true hun, I’ve noticed a drop since this new set up with stats etc and it’s such a shame. Just like you I love writing and creating a platform for others to comment on but it feels like the effort is somewhat ignored if there’s no viewership or interaction.. I really hope it improves as even though it’s not just about numbers but it really contributes towards us keeping our blogs going.. here’s keeping my fingers crossed 🤞 xx

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    1. itstashafenn says:

      It’s so good to know I’m not the only one, thanks hun your support is appreciated xx

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      1. Aww of course not hun, you’re very welcome. You too lovely 😘 xx

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  2. kittyp0p says:

    It’s difficult not to pay attention to stuff like likes and views when you’re on social media, but we can try our best not to let it affect our mood negatively 👍🏼 awesome post by the way!

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  3. jeremyjames says:

    When you consider that a great deal on likes on a blog are ‘blind’ – as in people scrolling and liking without reading…it’s not such a bad thing to not have many likes. I’m always quite happy to get a little conversation out of a post….and it seems like you’ve done that here.


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