When You Don’t ‘Fit In’.

This is not a new revelation, I’ve known this pretty much my entire whole life. Bloggers get this experience that feeling of just not belonging to a group, but it doesn’t matter what other people think it will always be okay to be yourself.


This is something that’s been on my list of blog posts for a while now but being able to get what was in my head into words. I find it hard to express how I’m feeling during the moment, I need time to process and evaluate. I don’t fit into the fashion industry, period. Over the last 5 years, the fashion industry has evolved hugely. Now we have plus size models, social media influencers and not every model is perfectly flawless and polished we have real people. Don’t get me wrong I love fashion and clothes but I probably wouldn’t attend fashion week and I don’t usually tend to get caught up in keeping up with the latest trends.

I started blogging back in 2015 and back then people like Zoella, Inthefrow and Tanya Burr where huge UK bloggers being invited to blogging events every other weekend and as a 17-year-old who loved fashion and typing my most random of thoughts It seemed like blogging could lead to something pretty cool.


I’m still fairly a newbie to being a ‘blogger’ It’s not my full-time job so sticking to a schedule and posting on my socials every day is quite frankly unachievable, I have a Job, I do university full time and my blog honestly comes last. Because of this, I don’t fit in with a lot of older fashion bloggers who do this for a full-time job or even people my own age who just have a larger disposable income and more free time. I’ve attended events and felt like the odd one out, I can’t afford a new outfit per event or per blog post but I make it work.

I wear the title ‘blogger’ loosely but I wear it will pride, I understand that a lot of traditional press and members of the press roll their eyes when you say the word blogger or Influencer these days and that’s fine. People will always have opinions on what they think classes as a job or as work but don’t let it affect or knock you down, my confidence comes from me and the passion other bloggers have for their job.


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  1. Totally agree with you hun, thank you for sharing x

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